Recommended WordPress paid theme

Recommended WordPress paid theme

This is explained in detail on YouTube. Recommended WordPress paid theme

Things to consider when choosing a theme.

Budget (less than $ 40)
Occasional Update Support [1]
Speedy quick theme without unnecessary features (described below)
Responsive optimization (described below)

I’m not rich enough. So the difference between a small car and a small car (1 ~ 20,000 won)

Edo somehow did not go hand. I wanted to improve the speed of the website as well as the design.

We will also investigate and change web hosting.

So if you can save it, choosing a good value theme is a smarter decision for me.

No. 1, 2, 4 is a reason for choosing a paid theme, so it does not seem to need a separate explanation.

I want to explain 3 and 5.

Speedy quick theme without unnecessary features

Paid themes come with a lot of features that are convenient, but if you have a lot of useless features

WordPress, which contains themes, slows down.

Express this as a heavy theme. In contrast, lightweight themes don’t include many features,

Speed ​​up your site.

I went to the theme forest and picked a paid theme. Among them, we compared the most popular themes.

It was the least likely to fail.


There is a site that measures whether themes are light or not.

There is a site called ping dom, which can measure the loading speed of the demo sites of the themes.

I compared several theme demos and noticed the two themes.

AVADA Theme is the best-selling theme in Theme Forest.

The price is $ 35, which fits my budget and the site’s loading speed.

There are also reasons for selling a lot.


Other themes didn’t get very good reviews, but there was a theme that caught my eye.

The TOTAL theme has a large image, short loading times, and low page requests.

This means that the theme is very well optimized. The price was also $ 39, which was in my budget.

If not, I would have chosen TOTAL, not AVADA.

But there is more to compare.

Responsive optimization

Responsive optimization is designed to make it easier to view on tablets and mobiles

It means. Nowadays, how much responsive optimization has gone with mobile access?

It is an important factor in theme quality.

Therefore, we compared the responsive optimization of the AVADA theme with the TOTAL theme. Comparison site

Google is mobile friendly test.

AVADA was rated as demo-friendly.

What about TOTAL?

TOTAL was not yet mobile friendly.

I think it’s a big difference whether it’s mobile-friendly or not, so I think the AVADA theme is better.

There are other advantages to the AVADA theme.

The most used theme has a lot of relevant information. therefore

Having information about the theme makes it easier to solve problems.


So far, we have discussed what to consider and comparisons when choosing a paid theme.

Occasional Update Support
Speedy quick theme without unnecessary features
Responsive optimization
Given these considerations, it is likely that I would choose the AVADA theme.

If you want to grow more affectionately on your blog

Investing in paid themes or web hosting is probably not a bad choice.

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